The Time to Get Ready is Now!

5 things to do now for less taxesHere is an idea. Instead of waiting until April 13th, why not get ready for filing your next year’s tax return now. Doing this today and maybe make some changes today could make a significant difference on your ultimate tax bill due next April 15th.

Here are five things to do now:

1. Check your withholdings

If you have a big refund during the 2013 tax season, now is the time to consider lowering your income tax withholdings if your income and deductions will remain similar in 2014. Alternately, if you came owed a substantial sum when you fi led for 2013 taxes, you may want to consider increasing your tax withholdings.

2. Examine your information

Now is a good time to meet with your tax preparer —waiting until February of 2015 could add increased stress when you’re getting ready to file your 1040. Your tax preparer likely has time to meet with you now. Getting an appointment in April is nearly impossible. Get together and look at your tax situation and start planning ahead.

3. Get Your books and financial statements in order

If you’re doing anything beyond working, it’s time to start getting everything in order so that you aren’t rushing at the beginning of 2015. And if you’re a small business or have rental properties be sure to get prepared to issue 1099s or prepare other forms that you’ll need to complete your taxes.

4. Set aside receipts

Don’t wait until the end of the year to start thinking about deductions – be smart and start pulling together the records immediately so that they are close at hand come tax time. It’s amazing how many pieces of paper you will lose and how many thing you will forget between now and next April.

5. Spring Cleaning in the Fall

The Time to Get Ready is Now for Tax SavingsNow’s a great time to clear the clutter as the days fall shorter. Do some fall cleaning by gathering your old clothing and household items and donating it to a charitable organization before the end of the year. Be sure to get a receipt for your donation and when you prepare your taxes you can apply a ‘fair market value’ to that donation. Your generosity may be worth $25 to $35 in tax savings for every $100 of what you donated.

Need Help Doing It Now?

Wallace Associates Group is prepared to walk you through this process. The time to get ready is now. What you do between now and December 31st can have a much more significant impact on the amount you pay April 15th than anything you do January 1st or after.